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Be Grateful with Good Writing Co.

by Bethany Good | Nov 15, 2021

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November is National Gratitude Month

“Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer. And let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good,”- Maya Angelou

National Gratitude Month in November encourages us to embrace the power of gratitude.

Over the last year and a half, many of us have faced illness, isolation, job loss, grief, depression, and more. In the midst of a crisis, it can be difficult to find things to be grateful for. But, gratitude’s amazing powers have the ability to shift us from focusing on the negative to appreciating what is positive in our lives. Practicing daily gratitude gives us a deeper connection to ourselves, the world around us, and others.

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Research has shown that gratitude can enhance our moods, decrease stress, and drastically improve our overall level of health and wellbeing. On average, grateful people tend to have fewer stress-related illnesses and experience less depression.

Practicing gratitude doesn’t mean ignoring the negative or frustrating aspects of our lives. It’s more about taking time to be mindful of our blessings and being thankful for the supportive folks in our lives. Gratitude is about putting our attention towards the positive rather than the negative. When we do that, we help improve our physical and mental well-being.

This November, let’s give thanks for all the good in our lives.

How to Observe:

  • Start a gratitude journal. Write about someone or something you’re thankful for every day. You’ll find your appreciation for those around you grows deeper. When you read back on what you’ve written, you’ll be able to reflect on the relationships and their accomplishments.
  • Share your gratitude with others. Letting someone know you’re grateful for their care, service, or friendship often lifts their spirits or lifts a burden.
  • Show your appreciation by giving back. Helping others is a great way to show your gratitude while giving back to your community.
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Meditate on this quote from Maya Angelou, “This is a wonderful day I have never seen this one before.”