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Brand Personality

Update: Your Guide to Personal Branding

By Bethany Good / December 9, 2022 /

To find the right job, learn how to brand yourself. What is personal branding? It’s identifying, positioning, and promoting oneself in the professional world. You can think of it as putting your best foot forward to land that dream job or promotion. Personal branding is essential for any influencer, business coach, or anyone wanting to…

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Copyediting is Crucial: 7+ Steps to Better Business Messaging

By Bethany Good / January 17, 2022 /

This blog features a list of tips on how to copyedit your work like a real professional.

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Does Your Brand Have a Personality Disorder?

By Bethany Good / October 13, 2021 /

Is your brand personality consistent with your company’s messaging? Before you can begin your messaging, you first have to understand your Brand Personality which is the human characteristics, emotions, and attributes embodied by a brand.  If you are just beginning your brand development process, make sure you first have a complete understanding of your customer…

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What is Brand Voice, and Why it Matters for Your Business

By Bethany Good / January 5, 2021 /

Why Your Brand Voice Matters By Bethany Good Brand voice isn’t just a recent trending topic in marketing circles, it’s a crucial part of your company’s marketing efforts. Whether you are familiar with the term or not, you experience Brand Voice every day. So what exactly is it? Brand voice refers to the personality and…

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