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Brand Voice

Update: Why I Invested in a Custom-Designed Website as a Small Business Owner

By Bethany Good / February 13, 2023 /

Update: Custom-designed Website Vs. Using a Template What is a custom-designed website? A custom website is built entirely from scratch using code. You maintain control over every aspect of the website design process to ensure the finished product becomes a powerful tool you can use to grow your business. Your web developer will work with…

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How to Write a Great Job Ad in 5+ Steps

By Bethany Good / May 5, 2022 /

Find the right candidates with a clear, concise, persuasive ad

Recently I was looking at some job postings on LinkedIn. As I read through all of the job descriptions, I was reminded of just how much I hate applying for jobs. 


Because almost every job posting is filled with
industry jargon, 
confusing or unclear language
a laundry list of requirements that seem almost impossible to meet

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Copyediting is Crucial: 7+ Steps to Better Business Messaging

By Bethany Good / January 17, 2022 /

This blog features a list of tips on how to copyedit your work like a real professional.

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Does Your Brand Have a Personality Disorder?

By Bethany Good / October 13, 2021 /

Is your brand personality consistent with your company’s messaging? Before you can begin your messaging, you first have to understand your Brand Personality which is the human characteristics, emotions, and attributes embodied by a brand.  If you are just beginning your brand development process, make sure you first have a complete understanding of your customer…

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Don’t Have Time to Write Content?

By Bethany Good / September 27, 2021 /

How Hiring a Copywriter can Help you Grow your Business Are you tired of spending time you don’t have on creating written content for your business?   We have the answer- hire a professional copywriter.    Copywriting is one of the most effective and powerful marketing tools for small businesses. Having a copywriter on your…

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5 Core Principles of Effective Storytelling

By Bethany Good / September 1, 2021 /

In the digital age, we now have different tools to shape our narratives in new and creative ways. Social media is a powerful instrument that gives us creative control over how others see our business or personal brand. Other AI tools (like ChatGPT) can help generate ideas and improve our efficiency. 

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Why Your Brand Voice Matters

By Bethany Good / June 22, 2021 /
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Social Media Tips and Tricks for your Brand

By Bethany Good / February 16, 2021 /

Why should you invest in a social media marketing strategy? Read on to find out. What are the main goals of social media marketing? To expand your brand to a wider audience, and to influence the decision-makers to make favorable decisions and award business to your company. Social media marketing can be a dynamic powerhouse…

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What is Brand Voice, and Why it Matters for Your Business

By Bethany Good / January 5, 2021 /

Why Your Brand Voice Matters By Bethany Good Brand voice isn’t just a recent trending topic in marketing circles, it’s a crucial part of your company’s marketing efforts. Whether you are familiar with the term or not, you experience Brand Voice every day. So what exactly is it? Brand voice refers to the personality and…

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