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5 Core Principles of Effective Storytelling

by Bethany Good | Feb 20, 2023

We all love to sit down with a good book or a movie and feel transported to an alternate reality. What makes a story so captivating? Can anyone learn how to tell a compelling story? Humans are hardwired for stories. As a species, we evolved to tell stories and tall tales. We look for connections and narratives to understand the world around us. 

In the digital age, we now have different tools to shape our narratives in new and creative ways. Social media is a powerful instrument that gives us creative control over how others see our business or personal brand. Other AI tools (like ChatGPT) can help generate ideas and improve our efficiency. 

As a lifelong writer and storyteller, I look for new and innovative ways to help your brand find its story. Here are the 5 core principles of compelling storytelling that I rely on daily. 

Core Principles of Effective Storytelling

Principle 1. Know Your Audience

Principle 2. Lure People In

Principle 3. Find Your Voice

Principle 4. Connect to Your Audience

Principle 5. Strive for Clarity 

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